"Food For The People"

"Food For The People" brings together my desire to share personal food and stories along with community gathering. I collaborate with friends that would like to open their home and host a private dinner experience, but without them needing to do the actual cooking.  Since I love to make food for others this allows me to experiment a little, let someone else to do the hosting, and see the guests enjoy my food while meeting a few new folks.

HIT ME UP if you are interested in hosting a "Food For The People" Supper Club!

The following is a description from my original Eventbrite invitation for each event, followed by some photos and/or menus from each one.

[A Supper Club Series, 2014-2015]

"I've been cooking for several years now and have achieved a noteriety as someone who really enjoys gettin' down in the kitchen.  I have no traditional culinary experience, but I believe that the journey of my life and the stories I have lived along the way have taught me more about what makes food good, and how to make good food, than any class or cookbook could teach me.  Please be my guest this evening and bring with you an open mind, palate and thirst for progressive food and conversation.  I'm open to questions and feedback about my cooking, the ingredients, my choices and the preparation.  I will even offer recipes and tutorials upon request.  I'd like this to be the beginning of not only a new movement in food awareness, but a transformative experience for you and how you relate to food.  The SupperClub series has been a HUGE success so far and as a result, I am so inspired to continue sharing my food with everyone.  This type of thing can be infectious, so be prepared to get excited about cooking and eating in a whole new way!!"

- Joseph Nontanovan

The NEED to cook, to create.
The NEED to feed, to be fed.
The NEED to eat, to be nourished.
The NEED to connect, to build community.

All of these are intertwined in this new event series, a closed-door/underground "Supperclub";
a place for everyone to get closer to food, closer to each other and to taste-test the culinary exploits of yours truly.

Sunset Supper Club #1

(Images by Kimberley Arteche)

Dublin Supper Club #2


Alameda Supper Club #3


San Francisco Supper Club #4



1st Course:

Chana Masala, Mushroom, and Pea Empanada

with cilantro chutney, lime crema, and pickled red onion

2nd Course:
Tuscan Kale, Baby Spinach, Avocado, and D'Anjou Pear Salad

with red onion, toasted pine nuts, and a lime cayenne vinaigrette

topped with shaved parmesan gouda

3rd Course:
Roasted Cauliflower and Leek Soup

topped with crushed pistachios


4th Course:
Mushroom and Scallion Polenta Cake and Asparagus Spears
with Oyster, Shiitake and Porcini Mushroom Cream Sauce


5th Course:

Hungarian Chicken Goulash and Creamy Mashed Potatoes


6th Course:
Cast Iron Upside Down Pineapple Cake 

with locally-made vanilla ice cream


Glen Park Supper Club #5