Washington D.C.

(Current home: Oakland, CA)




Spoken Word

Solo Performance



BA in Food Auto-Ethnography for Social Change, Goddard College (Fall 2017)



Social Activist, Movement Messengers

Curator, Breakthrough



Joseph Nontanovan is an artist, dancer, chef and storyteller. Originally from Washington, D.C. Joseph has spent much of his life traveling the globe spreading his love for music and movement.  His growing passion for sharing food and building community have led him to pursue a degree in Food Auto-Ethnography for Social Change at Goddard College. Using food, identity, and social justice, he is transforming personal stories and experience into material for his latest venture into writing and spoken word performance. Joseph is currently cooking, dancing, and teaching in the Bay area.  



- 2002 Began dancing with Culture Shock, D.C.

- 2004 MOHH Finalist / worked on STEP UP

- 2006 Honolulu Marathon via AIDS Marathon, DC / toured Eastern Europe with CityDance Ensemble / began directing CSDC

- 2009 Cirque du Soleil "Mosaic"

- 2009 (summer) Jacob's Pillow School of Dance, curated and directed by Rennie Harris

- 2009 Relocated to Los Angeles and directed CSLA

- 2010 Lived/worked in India - Guest Faculty for Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts

- 2012 Lived/worked in Montreal - Guest Faculty for Studio A Dance Company

- 2013 Worked as Beer & Wine Sales Manager for Old Town Market in Kensington, MD and freelancing as artist and educator at American Embassy of Dance and CityDance Center

- 2014 Relocated to the Bay Area

- 2016 Featured Performer for APAture Festival

- 2017 Earned BA Individualized Studies from Goddard College, Food Autoethnography for Social Change